Principle of Integrity
Supreme Quality

High-quality.Environmental protection.friendly

Since 1970

Our company was founded in 1970,
producing tube brushes, bottle brushes,
feeding bottle brushes.Third department which
was set up in 1990 is professional in producing
interdental brushes. In addition, we added
production of toothbrush in 2015.



  • LEE CHIA is the only factory in Taiwan which use German and Belgian systems’ equipment to manufacture interdental brush.
  • The equipment from original design manufacturer produces high quality and great precision’s products.


  • We develop own bristle’s formula, the elasticity and color-fastness of bristle are the best in the industry.
  • We develop wire of interdental brush with German factory. The elasticity and durability of wire are high than standard.
  • We use specific plastic material to help customer bending handle of interdental brush to suitable angle.


  • LEE CHIA is the only factory in Taiwan which has the most equipment of interdental brush. Monthly capacity is more than 15 million pieces.
  • The fastest delivery speed in the industry.


  • LEE CHIA is the only factory in Taiwan which can do consistent production process.
  • Handle design
  • Mold developing
  • Injection and assembling
  • Airtight packing


  • To avoid brush parting from handle, we own European, American, Japanese and Taiwanese manufactured patent for interdental brush.
  • The brush can’t be turned out and extracted out from handle.
  • Single squeezing, double squeezing and different side’s squeezing; We keep improving structure of patent in order to produce safety products.


  • The only  manufacturer which setup  mold factory by itself and owns  RD center.
  • To materialize perfect product for customers.
  • Keep improving products.



  • The first factory in Taiwan which imported automatic bottle brush equipment from European.
  • Since 2017, We increased and upgraded our equipment. For now, production line is up to six and monthly capacity can reach 600,000 pieces.


  • The first factory in Taiwan which imported manufacturing equipment of interdental brush from Germany.


  • RD department was founded at the year. To develop new products, upgrade products which were designated by customers.
  • Second generation’s injection factory was upgraded, we imported injection machines from Europe and Japan.
    Produced mainly on TPE, TPR and PETG.


  • Imported tufting equipment for industrial roller brush.


  • Imported automatic assembling system from Europe. Use glueless assembling.


  • Imported toothbrush tufting equipment. Produced high quality toothbrush by using soft bristle,one side taper bristle and two side taper bristle.
  • Imported automatic packing machine and self-manufacturing blister.
  • Production and packaging of oral care products are consistent production process.


  • In view of the rise of new rubber interdental brush, our RD department focused on improving rubber interdental brushes which are sold on the market and developing new type of rubber interdental brushes.


  • Imported fully automatic equipment for a consistent producing, injecting and assembling of bottle brushes and twisted brushes.


  • New rubber interdental brush has been developed and patented invention patents of many countries.


  • In view of the sale of oral care products keep growing on the international market. LEE CHIA has been developing and improving high efficiency and uniquely technological equipment since 2017.
  • Until June of 2019, we have been successfully and formally put into automatic production of interdental brushes and rubber interdental brushes.


  • To response global hot issue “Environmental Protection”, we initiate the new project about conserving energy and reducing carbon.
  1. Paperless- Produced instruction, announcement and all information will be sent by individual App for internal communication.
  2. Renovating water system of our factory in order to retrench water.